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The IC Global Cafe (Asia Pacific) sessions

APAIE and The IC Global Partnership are delighted to announce a new collaboration to bring IC Global Café sessions to the Asia Pacific. 

The IC Global founders, international education specialists Charlene Allen and Sirin Myles, started the IC Global Cafe in the UK, which is attracting a growing global membership base. 

These informal sessions run for 45-60 minutes and are focused on current issues relevant to international higher education. Senior professionals (such as Directors, International and University Heads) in the international education sector are welcome to participate, and attendance is free.

The IC Global Cafe Regional Insights: Japan and Hong Kong, Institutional International Partnership Development

This event has now concluded, however you may still register here to view a recording online.

  • Have pandemic travel restrictions resulted in reduced partnership development opportunities for you and your institution?  
  • Are you planning on fewer overseas trips but feel some markets need face-to-face interactions to help build relationships?  
  • Are you keen to hear best practice examples of partnership development? 

Connect with two senior university executives (both are APAIE Board Members) and learn about their approaches to partnership development, hear success stories and discuss what they are looking for from global institutions:

Apaie 2022 - Vancouver Conference
The Future of Global Partnerships virtual forum

This event has concluded, however a recording is available to view online.
Register here to watch on-demand!

International partnerships have played an important role in supporting valuable research, building robust student and faculty exchanges, and giving universities a greater world view. But, amid political tensions and an ongoing pandemic, these partnerships have been shaken. How can universities re-engage globally?

The Chronicle and APAIE have joined forces to bring you a special virtual forum examining the changes occurring within global partnerships and the potential impact of the pandemic, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region. Our panel of experts will seek to answer:

  • Will the health crisis and other issues lead to fewer, but deeper, partnerships between universities?
  • Will student flows, which were already changing prior to the pandemic, change where there is interest in developing ties?
  • How will joint-degree programs offered by partner institutions change as a result of remote learning, including the development of fully online models, consortia, and hybrid programs?

The event will be hosted by Chronicle reporter Karin Fischer and panelists include:

  • Joanna Regulska, Vice Provost and Dean of Global Affairs, University of California at Davis 
  • Jun Liu, Rector, City University of Macau 
  • Michael Wesley, Deputy Vice Chancellor International, University of Melbourne
  • Sarah Todd, Vice President (Global), Griffith University
Apaie 2022 - Vancouver Conference
The IC Cafe (Asia Pacific) Regional Insights 

This session has now concluded.

This IC Global (Asia Pacific) session will provide regional insights into the internationalisation strategies at the national and local level for Australia and Singapore.

Grab your coffee and join APAIE’s President, Prof Sarah Todd, and Board member, Prof Venky Shankararaman, as they bring their regional perspectives to the discussion.

Apaie 2022 - Vancouver Conference

APAIE 2022 Conference & Exhibition

We look forward to a welcome return to the annual APAIE Conference & Exhibition in beautiful Vancouver.

Registration is now open!

27-31 March 2022
Apaie 2023 - Bangkok Conference

APAIE 2023 Conference & Exhibition

Returning to a central Asian location, Bangkok offers a diverse and exciting backdrop to the 2023 APAIE Conference & Exhibition.

21-25 March 2023
Details available soon.



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