The Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) aims to advance education through enabling greater cooperation between institutions, to enrich and support international programmes, activities and exchanges, and to promote the value of international education within the Asia-Pacific region, as well being a conduit to connect Asia-Pacific organisations with the rest of the world. In doing so, APAIE devotes itself to the principles of mutual respect, diversity and collective progress.

APAIE Conference & Exhibition

APAIE’s primary activity is an annual Conference & Exhibition, usually held in late March. The main purpose is to provide networking opportunities and to share best practice for professionals in international higher education. A key component is a series of Regional Reports for updates from across the Asia Pacific.

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In 2004 APAIE was established in Seoul, South Korea, by a Founding Board consisting of representatives of 13 universities. Since 2017 the APAIE Secretariat has operated from Melbourne, Australia, and the Board has grown to 18 members from across the Asia-Pacific region.

Registered Not-for-Profit

As a registered not-for-profit organisation in Australia, APAIE follows applicable Australian law and the regulations of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). APAIE’s Constitution aligns with ASIC guidelines and governs how the Board runs the Association.

APAIE Board Member Institutions

The current APAIE Board consists of 18 member institutions: 9 Founding Members, 8 Co-opted Members and 1 Conference Host Member. The APAIE Board meets at least once a year.

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APAIE Board of Directors

Each Institutional Member (institution) has an appointed representative serving as a Director.

APAIE has an Executive Committee who meet every 4-6 weeks and report to the Board. As a sub-committee of the Board, the Executive Committee members are:

  • APAIE President (Chair of Committee)
  • APAIE Vice President
  • APAIE Treasurer
  • 1 or 2 APAIE Directors.

The Director of the APAIE Secretariat is the Committee Secretary.

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Executive Committee
Office Bearer Name Position title Institution Country / region
President Prof Sarah TODD Vice President (Global) Griffith University Australia
Treasurer Prof Jenny DIXON Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Engagement) The University of Auckland New Zealand
Director Prof Adrian LITTLE Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) The University of Melbourne Australia
Director Prof Venky SHANKARARAMAN Vice Provost (Undergraduate Matters) Singapore Management University Singapore
Office Bearer Name Position title Institution Country / region
Director Dr ZHANG Guangcui Director, Office of Global Engagement Jilin University China
Director Prof DU Peng Vice President Renmin University of China China
Director Prof Suk Ying (Veronica) WONG Associate Vice President The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR
Director-elect Prof Motohiro TSUCHIYA Vice-President for Global Engagement and Information Technology Keio University Japan
Director Prof Rian BEISE-ZEE Dean International Cooperation and Research Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University Japan
Director Prof Masahiko GEMMA Vice President for International Affairs Waseda University Japan
Director Prof Reuben WONG Associate Vice President for Global Relations National University of Singapore Singapore
Director Prof Chong Seung YOON Vice President for International Affairs Hanyang University South Korea
Director Prof Hikyoung LEE Vice President, International Affairs Korea University South Korea
Director Prof SunKu HAHN Vice President for  International Affairs Yonsei University South Korea
Director Prof Chih Wen KUO Vice President for  International Affairs National Sun Yat-Sen University Taiwan
Director A/Prof Dr Nopraenue Sajjarax DHIRATHITI Vice President for International Relations and Corporate Communication Mahidol University Thailand
Director Prof R Anderson (Andy) SUTTON Assistant Vice-Chancellor for International & Exchange University of Hawaii at Manoa USA
Director Prof Dugan O’NEIL Vice President, Research and International (pro team) Simon Fraser University Canada


APAIE Secretariat - Louise Kinnard

APAIE Secretariat – Louise Kinnaird

Contact: Louise Kinnaird, Director of the APAIE Secretariat

Email: secretariat@apaie.net

Mobile: +61 (0)438 366 623

Postal Address:
Asia-Pacific Association of International Education
805/220 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

ABN: 66 635 823 791