Welcome to APAIE!

Asia-Pacific Association for International Education

APAIE is committed to promoting the value of international education within the Asia- Pacific region, enabling greater cooperation between institutions, and enriching and supporting international programs, activities and exchanges.

Message from the President

The Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (or APAIE) represents one of the most diverse regions in the world. That diversity is evident not only in the geography, culture, lifestyles, and language, but also in its higher education. The approaches to, and stages of, the internationalisation of those higher education systems are also varied and many. APAIE is proud to play a role in facilitating conversations and partnerships across the region, while also providing an opportunity for colleagues around the world to learn more about this exciting region and develop sustainable partnerships with institutions across the Asia Pacific. 

Thank you for your interest in APAIE and I look forward to welcoming you to one of our events in the near future.

Professor Sarah Todd,
President, APAIE

The IC Global Cafe Regional Insights: Japan and Hong Kong

This event has now concluded, however you may still  register here to view a recording online.

The IC Global Cafe, in collaboration with APAIE, is pleased to present an online forum focused on Regional Insights, Japan and Hong, Institutional International Partnership Development:

  • Have pandemic travel restrictions resulted in reduced partnership development opportunities for you and your institution?  
  • Are you planning on fewer overseas trips but feel some markets need face-to-face interactions to help build relationships?  
  • Are you keen to hear best practice examples of partnership development? 

Connect with two senior university executives (both also APAIE Board Members) and learn about their approaches to partnership development, hear success stories and discuss what they are looking for from global institutions:

Professor Suk-Ying Wong is Associate Vice President, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Professor Motohiro Tsuchiya is Vice-President for Global Engagement, Keio University. 

The Future of Global Partnerships virtual forum

The Chronicle and APAIE have joined forces to bring you a special virtual forum examining the changes occurring within global partnerships and the potential impact of the pandemic, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region. 

This event is now complete and the recording is available to view online. Register to view this event on demand!